10 x 15m Transparent Gathering Tent

gathering tent Clear top marquee with arch roof (2)

gathering tent Clear top marquee with arch roof (2)

Transparent Gathering Tent for Backyard Banquet

If you are looking for a backyard gathering tent with clear version, transparent tent is the ideal choice. Clear roof can be suitable in any tent type including classic “A” frame, high peak tent, curved roof, multi-side tent and bellend tent. And the span can be optional from 3 – 60m which can meet the different requirement of the capacity. With the clear top design, you can decoration the roof with luxury light and lining. The tent will be bright and elegant in the dark.

Feature of Gathering Tent with Curved Roof

The size of the festival tent is 10 x 15m for around 150 round table seating. With the curved roof design, the tent will have a better performance in rain day – the rain water can pour more smoothly. When you want an open-air atmosphere under the tent, you can open the sidewall by opening the pipe and tracks.

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