20×60m Mixed High Peak Tent for Sale

Large Wedding Marquee-Mixed Party Tent-High Peak Tent
Large Wedding Marquee-Mixed Party Tent-High Peak Tent
Large Wedding Marquee-Mixed Party Tent-High Peak Tent
Large Wedding Marquee-Mixed Party Tent-High Peak Tent

Mixed High Peak Tent – Party & Wedding Marquee

Shelter also provides different style high peak tents for our customers need. This mixed high peak tent was set up for COFCO Ecological Farm in Beijing. The main structures of this tent is lightweight aluminum alloy and white PVC fabric.

Mixed Party Tents are tents in different shapes combined together for party or other events. We can mix several tents that you like to make an entire new out look for a stunning party celebration. For example we use elegant high peak pagoda tent for reception area and another polygonal tents for dancing hall, A frame tent for catering, and arch narrow tents for lounge halls and bellend marquee for outdoor theater etc. We can customize all tents according to your location.

Materials of High Peak Tent

The main profiles of the tent for wedding are hard pressed extruded Aluminum alloy materials without any steel, which ensures tents to be light and handy as well as safe. Tents are fixed on the ground by heavy materials such as bricks , solid concretes or even containers full of water in order not to break concrete grounds. If there’s a grass land, tents can be fixed by using steel sticks, and there’s no need to worry about the tent of being blown down.

Materials used for covering are PVC coated polyester fabrics, which have a good performance in resisting water, flame and UV. Of course, materials used for roof differs from those of the side walls, for roof, we use thicker materials on the roof to resist UV and lighter materials as walls so that create a more scientific structure.

Shelter’s Services for High Peak Tent

Delivering bespoke turn-key solution;
Free shipping;
Providing high quality accessories;
Timely delivery;
Installaiton guide by professional technicians;
Prefect after-sales serive including replacement of  alumium alloy components and PVC fabric.

We are looking forward to building long-term cooperation relationship with you!

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